One of the percs of running a theatre is that every now and then, you get to witness a performance that stands so far above any others, it makes you gasp. On Sept. 15th, Marty Q held a concert at the Clockwork Rep in Oakville, to premiere the release of his new CD, NO BOUNDARIES.


 I have to admit, sitting up in the booth watching this musician work his magic, made me gasp. It wasn't his talent so much, as I think we misuse the word. Marty has talent that's for certain, but that was 

where he started. No longer just a saxophone player of merit, he is now an accomplished singer/songwriter with incredible skill. 


And I do mean, incredible skill. The concert was a musical journey of sorts, the first song set delivered a variety of Marty's past songs, along with some selected favorites of his. 


Remarkable in that he moved so easily from his signature sweet sax 

sound to rock vocals to guitar ballad. Accompanied by a fully professional band that featured Robert Mack on keyboard, Ed Aureli on guitar, Mike McCartney on bass and Dexter Pettaway on drums, this ensemble 

delivered note after perfect note that literally rang from the rafters. 


Guest vocalist Gina Palmieri was dazzling as she accompanied Marty in MY TRUE BLUE and BRAKES ON LOVE. Their harmony was magnificent. Marty cut Gina loose for a solo with ROLLING IN THE DEEP and she sent the whole building into gyrations. It's not sufficient to say she was mesmerizing, she was, simply, indescribable. 


But the highlights of the evening were yet to come as Marty moved into the second song set after a short intermission, all from his new CD. This was not the Marty Q to be expected, who is so well known as a smooth jazz sax player. This was Marty Q the songwriter, the vocalist with an exceptional voice at his command. 


From his sweet YOUR LOVE LINGERS to the 

rocking I DIDN’T MEAN TO SAY IT, Marty Q delivered an emotional performance “A” par excellence and 

in every imaginable sense of the phrase. 


So, what did I gasp at?

Nothing less than being able to present to the public such an 

incredible new work from a performer who has outperformed anyone I have ever seen. Not to mention being able to present such a polished product at such an intimate venue.


 A reception after the show, courtesy of Thomaston Insurance, left Marty Q surrounded by adoring fans while he signed his new CD with a frantic pace. 


If you had come to this concert not knowing anything about Marty Q, you would have left with a handful of his CD's, the music still ringing in your head and, like the audience after his last song of the evening, on your feet and screaming for more. 


I just have to wonder, how far can Marty Q take us all? 



Review done by:

Harold Pantely (owner of Clockwork Repertory Theatre, Oakville CT)